Hire a Local Lawyer?

After an arrest, when deciding what lawyer or law firm to hire, some people believe they should hire someone who regularly appears in the court where their case is, or that they should hire someone who is friendly with the judge or the prosecutor.

When making this decision, consider who would act in your best interest. Is it someone who is worried about how their actions in your case will affect their next case in that court, or how their interaction with the prosecutor or judge will affect their relationship with that person?

You should hire the best lawyer for the job. Just because someone is "local" does not automatically mean they are the most qualified.

Levow DWI Law’ practice is statewide. We appear in all 566 municipal courts, all 21 county courts and throughout the Appellate Division and Supreme Court. Our reputation is statewide. We are known as DWI lawyers – appropriately aggressive DWI lawyers, who fight for our client’s rights. We are known for seeking the best resolution for our clients, and we are known for going to trial when our clients direct us to do so.

Because of our reputation, we are known by police officers, prosecutors and judges that we have not met, and we are generally respected by the judges, prosecutors, and police officers that we deal with.

Please call us to discuss how we can effectively represent you.