Accident Reconstruction

Drunk driving cases involving accident, injury, or death call for a sophisticated defense strategy that can protect the accused motorist from serious consequences. A New Jersey DUI / DWI defense attorney may retain an independent forensic expert to reconstruct an accident and find evidence that may point to the defendant's innocence.

An independent accident reconstructionist's job is to recreate events leading up to the collision and the circumstances of the crash itself, and determine whether the accident could have been avoided. If the collision was unavoidable under any circumstances, then alcohol did not contribute to the crash.

It's extremely important for the forensic expert to examine the collision scene and the vehicles involved as quickly as possible, because critical evidence such as skid marks can disappear quickly. The expert will photograph the vehicles and the accident scene, and carefully preserve any evidence that will help the defense. The expert also will take measurements of the crash scene.

An experienced accident expert will look into every aspect of the collision, including traffic patterns, road conditions, weather, lighting, etc. Skid marks are especially telling, because they can reveal whether the driver reacted to imminent danger or was unaware of the impending accident.

A skilled reconstructionist will explore whether any of the vehicles involved had unaddressed safety recalls that may have contributed to the crash. A thorough examination of the vehicles' headlights, brake lights, and other equipment can establish whether all safety features were functioning properly.

The expert will pour over police reports and related documents to establish the point of impact and other key factors. Scuff marks on the vehicles also can provide information about the dynamics of the collision.

Accident reconstructionists also interview as many witnesses as possible, including the accused drunk driver and any passengers, to provide additional insight into the circumstances of the crash.

Police work hard to find evidence that points to the driver's guilt, so it is important to find often overlooked information that may point to the driver's innocence or at least to establish reasonable doubt as to the driver's guilt. A New Jersey DWI attorney experienced in drunk driving defense may retain a top accident reconstructionist to uncover evidence that aids in a driver's defense.

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