DWI First Aid

New Jersey drunk driving arrests can happen to anyone, anywhere – the driver may be pulled over after having a few cocktails at a neighborhood restaurant, or may drive into a sobriety checkpoint. Some drivers are arrested for an NJ DWI / DUI after being involved in an accident that may not even be the accused driver’s fault.

No matter how it happens, a New Jersey driving while intoxicated arrest is an unnerving experience. Many drivers want time to consider their next move, but a drinking and driving arrest requires fast legal action to protect the driver’s rights. The initial court date is usually within days of the arrest. An experienced New Jersey DWI / DUI lawyer can get that court appearance adjourned and begin to plan a strategic defense designed to minimize or even eliminate the consequences of a driving under the influence arrest.

While the information is fresh in the driver’s mind, the driver should write down all aspects of the events surrounding the NJ DWI arrest, starting with the time the driver awoke. Detail what was done during the day, what was eaten, and when any drinking or taking medication or drugs began. List the people the driver was with that day, along with anyone who can corroborate times and locations of imbibing. Describe fully the details of the stop and all interaction with the arresting police officer, including anything that the officer said and anything the driver said. Write out all field sobriety exercises the driver was caused to do, the instructions given by the officer, and how the exercises were performed. Detail in writing all times associated with the stop and the arrest. How long was the ride back to the station? Was the driver out of sight of the officers at any time prior to the testing? If yes, For what length of time? This information will help a knowledgeable New Jersey DWI / DUI defense attorney fight the charges against you.

Many motorists fear the prospect of facing a judge after a New Jersey DWI arrest, but it’s important to remember that drunk driving cases can be fought and won. A skilled New Jersey DUI / DWI defense lawyer will develop an aggressive strategy designed to protect the driver from the negative consequences of a drinking and driving arrest.