Intoxicated Driver Resource Center

If you have been convicted of an alcohol or drug related traffic or boating offense in New Jersey, you have to satisfy the requirements of the Intoxicated Driving Program (IDP) and the Intoxicated Driver Resource Center (IDRC).

The Intoxicated Driving Program is a unit of the Division of Addiction Services of the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services. The IDRCs are units of, or contractors to, the 21 counties. IDP schedules you for the 12 or 48 Hour IDRC program and notifies the Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) when you have completed the program or failed to comply.

New Jersey has an IDRC in each county for first and third-time offenders and three regional centers for second-time offenders.

If you are sentenced as a first offender, you will be detained, educated, and evaluated for at least six hours each day on two consecutive days - a total of 12 hours - in your county IDRC.

If you are sentenced as a second offender and not sentenced to jail or inpatient treatment, you will be detained, educated, and evaluated during a period of 48 consecutive hours in a regional facility.

If you are sentenced as a third offender, the court will sentence you to jail for 180 days, with 90 days that can be served in an inpatient alcoholism treatment program. IDP will schedule you to appear at the 12-hour IDRC for follow-up.

In some cases, you may be required to participate in additional treatment or a self-help program. In all cases you must satisfy the program, fee, and treatment requirements of IDP/IDRC before your license is restored.

The Motor Vehicle Commission ( MVC) will send you a notice confirming your license suspension and will bill you $200 for the MVC restoration fee ($100) and the IDP administrative fee ($100). Additionally, there is a fee for the IDRC which is dependent on whether you are sentenced to a 12-hour IDRC or a 48-hour IDRC. If you are referred to a treatment program you are also responsible for those costs.

If you don't live in New Jersey, you still have to comply with the program. The driving privilege restoration and IDP fees of $200.00 still must be paid to the Motor Vehicle Commission. If you live within driving distance of an IDRC in New Jersey, you will be scheduled to appear there. If not, you will be given an opportunity to satisfy the requirements in your home state.

If you fail to appear at the IDRC or do not satisfactorily complete a prescribed treatment or self-help program, or pay the fees on time, your license suspension will be extended, and you may also be jailed two days for non-compliance. IDP/IDRC program completion will still be required.

What Happens at the IDRC?

You will pay the IDRC program fee and complete a questionnaire. You will attend a series of educational sessions and discussions. You will meet with a counselor for a personal evaluative interview.

The education program, which is part of the 12 and 48 hour IDRC, contains information on social and problem drinking, stages of alcoholism, the family and other relationships, alcohol and drugs and their effects on driving ability, and the New Jersey Intoxicated Driving Law.

After the education program, you may be referred to a treatment program or self-help group for alcohol or drug problems. If you are referred to treatment, it will be for a minimum of 16 weeks. The IDRC may require monitored treatment or self-help group attendance for a maximum of one year. You must complete treatment as part of your sentence.

Your driving privilege will be restored when you have served all court and MVC imposed suspensions and if you are in compliance with all Intoxicated Driving Program and Intoxicated Driver Resource Center requirements.

You may contact the county programs at:

Atlantic(609) 645-5945
Bergen(201) 336-3310
Burlington(609) 265-5857
Camden(856) 225-5109
Cape May(609) 465-9001
Cumberland & Salem(856) 794-1011
Essex(973) 395-8425
Gloucester(856) 232-4840
Hudson(201) 533-2437
Hunterdon(908) 788-1900
Mercer(609) 394-8988
Middlesex(732) 745-4500
Monmouth(732) 308-3713
Morris(973) 538-5327
Ocean(732) 341-9700
Passaic(973) 777-2048
Salem & Cumberland(856) 794-1011
Somerset(908) 704-6304
Sussex(973) 426-1420
Union(908) 527-4791
Warren(973) 538-5327

For the 48–Hour IDRC program, call:

North Region (Passaic County) (973) 777-2048
Central Region (Monmouth County) (732) 264-8210
South Region (Atlantic County ) (609) 645-5945

For general IDRC inquiries, call the Client Call Center Hotline at: 609-815-3100.

For more information, write to:

Intoxicated Driving Program
P.O. Box 365, Trenton
New Jersey 08625-0365.

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