Driving While Suspended For DWI: Sentencing Enhancements

Motorists accused of DUI / DWI in New Jersey face additional repercussions if found guilty of driving drunk on a suspended license from a prior driving while intoxicated conviction. However, getting arrested for driving under the influence with a suspended license doesn’t equal an automatic conviction. A skilled New Jersey DWI / DUI lawyer will develop an aggressive defense strategy designed to minimize court punishment in a drinking and driving case.

Allegedly driving drunk on a suspended license can increase every aspect of the court punishment, for a NJ DWI / DUI, including longer jail sentences and extended driver’s license suspensions. However, like the underlying driving under the influence charge, the prosecutor must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the motorist was operating a motor vehicle and that his or her license was suspended.

Someone driving on a license that was suspended for a DWI / DUI faces an additional license suspension of one to two years, which does not begin until the current DWI / DUI suspension period ends. In addition, the motorist convicted of driving while suspended for DWI / DUI must be sentenced to 10 to 90 days in jail. This mandatory jail sentence will be in addition to any jail time handed down for the original drunk driving charge.

Because New Jersey DWI / DUI cases involving drivers with suspended licenses can have extremely punitive repercussions, it’s critical to have skilled legal help. A New Jersey DWI attorney who concentrates on drinking and driving defense will use strategies designed to fight both the underlying charge of drinking and driving and any sentencing enhancements.

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