Out-of- State Drivers

Drivers with out-of-state licenses who are arrested for New Jersey DUI / DWI face specific issues that may complicate their cases and jeopardize privileges in the driver’s licensing state. A New Jersey DUI / DWI attorney experienced in drunk driving defense will fight to protect the driver’s rights and privileges in New Jersey, while addressing how this matter can affect you in your home licensing state.

Unlike many states, New Jersey has no administrative Department of Motor Vehicles process to suspend a driver’s license following an arrest for driving while intoxicated. However, New Jersey is a party to the Interstate Driver’s License Compact (IDLC) – an agreement between 45 states to communicate information about driving-related crimes, including DUI / DWI.

Only Wisconsin, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Georgia, and Michigan do not belong to the Interstate Driver’s License Compact. All other states have agreed to notify the others of a DUI / DWI conviction. Even those five states may notify the “home” state of the driver’s conviction.

If an out-of-state driver is convicted of DUI / DWI in New Jersey, New Jersey will notify all of the 49 states of the conviction. The home state will, in most cases, impose a separate suspension in addition to New Jersey’s suspension, or will honor the length of New Jersey’s suspension in the home state.

How the arrest affects the status of the driver’s license will hinge on whether the home state has an administrative DMV process to suspend the driver’s license. However, the convicted motorist will still lose his or her driving privileges within the state of New Jersey for the length of time imposed by the New Jersey court.

States that take administrative DMV actions against convicted drunk drivers respond differently to notifications about DUI / DWI convictions. A skilled New Jersey DWI defense attorney who focuses on DWI defense cases can determine whether the accused driver’s license is threatened in his or her home state.

Drivers licensed in states other than New Jersey who are arrested here for NJ DUI / DWI here should know that their home state licenses are at risk. A New Jersey DWI defense lawyer with experience fighting drunk driving cases will use a strategy to fight for the accused motorist’s rights and minimize repercussions for out-of-state drivers.

At Levow DWI Law, we are familiar with how other states treat DUI / DWI convictions, and how the New Jersey DWI conviction would transfer into your home state. Please call Levow DWI Law, toll free, at 877-593-1717 to discuss any of these suspension issues, or anything else related to your New Jersey DUI / DWI arrest.