Fines and Surcharges

A New Jersey drunk driving conviction carries substantial punishment, including jail time, license restrictions, alcohol education classes, fines and surcharges. The fines, fees, and assessments levied after a New Jersey DWI conviction, total thousands of dollars. Because the repercussions of a driving under the influence conviction are so severe, it’s important to aggressively fight the charges against you. A New Jersey DWI lawyer experienced in drunk driving defense will aggressively fight a NJ DWI / DUI charge with the goal of minimizing or even eliminating negative consequences.

The fine amount faced by a driver convicted of a DWI / DUI in New Jersey depends on the number of prior convictions the driver has accrued, and in some cases, on the motorist’s blood alcohol content (BAC).

First Offense

On a first-time driving while intoxicated charge, New Jersey makes a distinction based on the driver’s BAC. A first offender with a BAC of .08 percent to .10 percent faces a fine of $250 to $400.

For a first offender with a BAC of .10 percent or greater, the driver faces a fine of $300 to $500, plus the fees and surcharges listed above.

In addition, New Jersey imposes various fees on convicted drunk drivers that add on another $325.00. Further, convicted drivers must pay a surcharge to the Department of Motor Vehicles of $3,000 payable over three years. Once the insurance company that covers the driver discovers the conviction, the insurance company will additionally surcharge the driver, possibly thousands of dollars, for three years, as well.

In addition, all drivers convicted of DUI / DWI in New Jersey may be required to pay for the cost of alcohol counseling and the installation of an ignition interlock device.

Second Offense

A second-offense New Jersey DWI conviction is punishable by a fine of $500 to $1,000, plus the fees and surcharges listed above.

Third or Greater Offense

A driver convicted of a New Jersey DWI / DUI for a third-time within 10 years faces a fine of $1,000, plus the charges listed above, with one exception – if the arrest occurred within three years of a prior conviction, the DMV surcharge rises to $4,500 payable over three years.

The fines levied in New Jersey DWI cases can be devastating, so it’s critical to have a skilled New Jersey DWI defense lawyer fighting for the driver’s rights. A New Jersey attorney who focuses on DWI / DUI cases will work hard to minimize or eliminate the financial consequences of a driving under the influence arrest.

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