Insurance Consequences

If you are convicted of a DWI in New Jersey, your insurance company will do one of two things:

  • the company can terminate your coverage, and you will be forced to seek alternative coverage from another insurance company that will likely place you in an enhanced risk category with higher premiums than an average driver; or,
  • your insurance company can surcharge you for the additional risk of maintaining your insurance.

The additional cost of insurance after a DWI conviction in New Jersey can add several hundred to several thousand dollars to your insurance bill each year for three years after the conviction.

Typically, young, single, male drivers are in the highest premium cost category. Insurance companies consider age, gender, type of vehicle, driving history, and other factors in setting their rates.

Many people are not aware of this added cost, and the court system generally does not advise the DWI defendant of this separate cost of a conviction.

Insurance company surcharges are separate, as well, from the surcharges levied by the State of New Jersey after a DWI conviction. In addition to your insurance company surcharges, the State of New Jersey will surcharge you $1,000.00 a year for three years following the DWI conviction.

The added cost of insurance coverage and the State surcharge after a DWI conviction should be taken into consideration when deciding how to challenge the DWI charges. Please call Levow DWI Law to discuss how we can fight the case against you.