PA Drivers

Pennsylvania Drivers Arrested in New Jersey

If you are convicted in your pending New Jersey DWI / DUI matter, and you are a Pennsylvania licensed driver, and if you have not been convicted for DWI / DUI within the past ten years, New Jersey will report your NJ conviction to PA, the conviction will show up on your PA Driving History, but your Pennsylvania driving privileges will not be suspended, and you will keep your PA license. You will still not be allowed to drive in New Jersey until your privileges in NJ are restored, but you can drive in Pennsylvania and everywhere else.

You must still consider aggressively defending the New Jersey DWI / DUI charge. There are several reasons why a conviction that appears on your Pennsylvania Driver History still may affect you. A conviction may preclude you from travelling to Canada or other countries; it may affect your employment, cause you insurance issues in Pennsylvania, or may have other consequences

CDL drivers have other special concerns. Even though your private passenger license will not be affected, any conviction for DWI / DUI or Refusal will result in a one year suspension of your commercial driver’s license for a first offense, and a lifetime suspension for a second CDL DWI / DUI or Refusal conviction.

If you are convicted of a DWI / DUI in New Jersey, and if you have been convicted before for DUI in Pennsylvania, your license in PA will be suspended for a minimum of one year.

The Motor Vehicle Commission in Trenton will forward notice of the conviction to the Department of Transportation (DOT) in Harrisburg. In about 30-90 days, you will receive a suspension notice from DOT, stating that your PA driving privileges will be suspended as a result of the NJ conviction.

For more information, see this PA DOT/DMV link

If you are convicted in New Jersey of any level offense of DWI, you must still pay the surcharges levied by the Motor Vehicle Commission, which are separate from any surcharges that your PA insurance company may charge you.

A refusal conviction for an out of state driver in New Jersey will not result in any MVC surcharges. A refusal conviction from New Jersey will also not appear on your Pennsylvania Driver History.

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